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Recruitment FAQ's

How Do I Register?

During the summer, your college will send recruitment information and a registration form with a deadline for submission of form and fees. If you have not received this information by July, contact the college Panhellenic Office and/or check the campus website. Online registration may be available.


What Are Recommendations?

These are similar to a job reference. Alumnae members write these on your behalf as a personal introduction of you to their sorority. This letter of introduction does not guarantee an invitation to events or membership. It is the responsibility of the alumna to obtain her sorority form, complete it, and submit it according to her group’s requirements.  A recommendation will be an internal form that is distributed within each sorority.


How Do I Obtain a Recommendation?

Begin networking now with friends, family, neighbors, and teachers. Let them know you plan to participate in the recruitment process. They will need a photograph and a social resume to enclose with their introduction. Keep in mind; the alumna writing the recommendation does not need to be a graduate of the college you will attend. She only needs to be a member of a sorority with a chapter on that campus.


What Is a Letter of Support?  How does it vary from a Recommendation?

A letter of support is not to be confused with a Recommendation.  While a recommendation is considered a requirement for most sororities at most campuses, a Letter of Support is an additional personal letter you can solicit from Greek alumnae you know well.  It is not a must but can definitely help you at competitive campuses by showing you have more than one alumna supporting you.  To obtain one, you would simply need to ask a Greek alumna you know well to write one on your behalf.  Unlike a recommendation, it is not an internal form but rather a personal letter written to the house on your behalf.  Because of this, it should come from someone who knows you well.  It is not appropriate to ask someone you do not know at all to write you a letter of support.


What Should I Do Now?

Start Now! The sororities and alumnae groups are waiting for your information and some have deadlines. To get started correctly and quickly, check out our TO DO list.


What Is A Legacy?

Not all sororities recognize legacies and every sorority determines its own definition of a “legacy.” Typically, it is defined as a daughter or sister of an initiated member. Again if in doubt, list your relative; the individual sororities will determine if the legacy status should apply.    Being a legacy does not guarantee an invitation to membership. Legacies are reviewed based upon the same criteria as non-legacies. It is also important to realize that in some situations, there are more legacies participating in the recruitment process than a chapter has membership openings. If you are a legacy, you should list on your resume each sorority for which you are a legacy.

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